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5 Funny Green Home Ideas

Funny HomeLots of ideas that can be applied to house the ‘green’, some examples of this very interesting.

1. Green house is probably the  most fun for the cats at home, because he’s comfortable, we have alternatives  and make the  new plant; a house cat with planting medium  on top. The cat looks happy.

2. A roof with plants grown at the top, maybe for some of us still feel weird. In Norway people grow plants on the home for various purposes, mainly for maintaining the thermal  temperatures. Houses can be seen as being under the mound of soil when the plants are too thick.

Funny chair3. Garden house with walls made of wooden frames and covered with frosted glass or polycarbonate can make construction  cheaper  to garden house that shines from the outside during the day, and glow from within at night.

4. Lazy chairs are made of frames and higher are actually planted with  grass…fresh like being in a meadow. Furniture should be cut if too long.

Funny Kitchen Sink5. Kitchen sinks that can be planted. By washing dishes, washing hands and so on with environmentally  friendly  detergents  and do not poison the plants, we can drain the water through a crack to irrigate crops on the sink.