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Aesthetic and Artistic Real Estate Gallery

Modern Real Estate Decorating DesignThis home design concept starts from the owner’s desire that choose to consider easy terms of maintenance, a good wind circulation, as well as the optimal natural lighting so energy efficient. Because of busy work schedules and the residents are quite dense, architects trying to choose a modern minimalist contemporary design, simple, and clean but still has the character of a comfort dwelling house.

Futuristic Real Estate Interior DesignDesign on an area 200 m² makes absolute systematic design that optimized for space in order to still meet family needs with two children. Tropical contemporary design criteria inspired to meet those needs. Spaces formed with the openness both horizontally and vertically with materials and colors combination.

The curves shown as disconnection in exterior form but still has unity, thus dynamically adapting contemporary form with tropical roof is removed to one side. Formed with the room design in various attractive forms, such as the ladder was designed by following the curved area and created glass block gap as optimal lighting in the evening, being on narrow back terrace area, created by closing the top and skylights made with shading, thus creating interest shadow lines.

Luxury Design Interior Real EstateDesign Concept
This house is designed on trapezium tread that hang in the back area 198 m², with total building area 350 m². The initial concept of this two-floors dwelling, take resident’s requirements which are processed in a systematic room design according to the tread shape. Design exploration is ultimately determined that needed open space like void mezzanine on the back that has sharp corner, where in this area, the space is inefficient.

In this part is also open space in direct contact with open park, so that natural light in the morning to get into the house as whole. This void mezzanine space is the core activity as family room. In each facade of the building, every opening made in double surface shading (jalousie door) to be able to withstand sun in the afternoon that blinding in front of facade but still be able to flow air circulation, and glass door can be opened and closed in accordance needs when using the air conditioning and view consideration.

Fantastic Real Estate Decorating Living RoomIn staircase area where there are high opening void in the West, used glass-block material so that the glare can be resolved without losing natural light. Overall modern contemporary house concept still has tropical house characteristic that prioritize aeration and natural lighting. Of course every design exploration aspect is always different between the owners with one another and planned tread.

The concept takes square form that has high flexibility, and then made a vertical curved area on the northern part that serve as home protector (Feng-Shui consideration; red), and given different color from the overall exterior color. This curved area sought to create spaces in it not monotonous by vertical and horizontal lines, but more dynamic by the presence of curved lines. The space concept inspired as the life atmosphere.

Artistic Real Estate Living Room PicturesSpace areas formed by the arches collision (stainless steel staircase and arch listplank) are appreciated as river basins or canting branches. The existence of bridge that connects the space with another space. Columns or pillars as part of the environment which protrude upward, the natural white sandstone area color but clean, and others. Zones that require privacy placed on the North, East, and West, while the southern part is used as service area.

On the ground floor, begins from the entrance facing to the side (South) received by the hall that directly relate to the living room, then into the open space in which is placed dining room, pantry, staircase hall, toilet, and family room that open up to the top floor. This space circulation can be achieved in all directions; to the kitchen (South), work space and garden terrace on the eastern part which can be directly related to park and side road that penetrate into the front (on the North).

Elegant Real Estate Design ConceptOn the second floor, is privacy room where the master bedroom located on the eastern side, and two child’s bedrooms are placed in the front (West), so that from this space is generated massif fields on the exterior. Architectural design concept on the building facade still has tile-roofed tropical architecture impression but not symmetrical, which has single slope roof. The balance is formed field and color combination, as well as protrusion of the arch area. Both massive fields on the facade are blank and distinguished by horizontal lines. At the center, created a balcony to two children bedrooms that shared together (symmetrical, asymmetrical).

Charming Real Estate Dining Room DesignRoom interior design using modern minimalist concept that simple and clean in the furniture arrangement. The shape selection, model, color, and finishing used to provide comfort for the residents who prefer bright colors. For furniture design using the mega-sungkai material that having soft-cream color with soft wood fiber lines, and combined with the dark brown color that becomes furniture trend.

Overall, this material is used in every the room corner with simple and clean model, to make it looks harmonious and united with this concept that looks small but has wide impression. Similarly, with other furniture such as sofa, coffee table, standing lamps, and other selected with minimalist and modern character and the bright colors from stainless steel, except the living room with dark gray sofa that give elegant impression.