Amazing and Fantastic Box Home Design Plans

Futuristic Box House Design Inspiration

Futuristic Box House Design InspirationThis building will be functionalized by the owner as rental apartment. On area that is not so large, ± 800 m², presents 9 apartment units that each has one bedroom. It’s located in Echo Beach, near Canggu, Bali. The architect presents different building designs. Where apartment units shaped like boxes that set and arranged in such a way. There are four apartment units in the ground floor, and five apartment units on upstair. Box system makes the building mass unique and also as the right solution to overcome the limited area.

Awesome Box House Design ProjectAlthough located in Bali, these apartments are actually not so typical of Bali. Because the buildings are usually located in Bali always covered the wall, so impressed more massive and super private. In contrast to the apartment in Echo Beach, the architect designed this building with semi-transparent, which covered with planter box. With this system, people still have privacy as well as the outdoor view.

Exotic Box House Design PlansEach residence unit has a respective orientation. Where these units underneath have a garden that equipped with the pool, while the units on the top have a large terrace and have a broad view toward the beach. The architect set the building mass in such a way that each unit has its own advantages that gives a different nuance for the occupants. Apartments on the top are equipped sun beach facility as joint space, where people can sunbathe, enjoy the sunset, party, and others.

Spectacular Box House Design ThemeThe architect still use elements of Bali, although it does not mean Balinese ornaments worn away. Local elements of Bali, especially materials such as brick processed in such a way, which reused in modern architecture. Then the use of taro land that become the Balinese material used as finishing wall so it is more exotic, and also the use of blinds wood for windows and doors reinforce the tropical element. Via