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Amazing Minimalist Home Design Collection

Minimalist Home PoolMinimalist Home Interior Design by David Guerra. This minimalist house in edge of the lake that all buildings stand on 340 square meters, Lake House was designed by David Guerra Architecture. This design is located in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Modern Minimalist Home Pool DesignThis area is possible to build box structure with balcony suspended. Occupants consist of a mother and child, so their need for privacy and comfort are met, as well as entertainment. Modern residence value added with views framed to ensure good position, while the space collection is very personal. A bedroom with separate entrance, located on the ground floor, right beside the game room, it’s used by children.

Contemporary Home Design with Pool DesignGourmet kitchen is downstairs. In downstairs, there are also two additional bedrooms and service area. Balcony and deck connected to the fresh air and beautiful panorama. Garage, laundry room, living room and dining room, balcony, guest bedroom and master bedroom on the first floor. Living space in an entertaining and relaxation are offered to residents and their guests, this shelter is a great place.