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Artistic and Aesthetic Ceramic Floor Design Inspiration

Charming Ceramic Floor Design ThemeCeramic Floor for Minimalist Home Today. Are you looking for ceramic floor for your home? Maybe you need information ceramic floor that becomes trend. Trend is based on the motives and the most in looked for many people who have a minimalist home. Of course, you have to adjust to your taste and match your interior color.

Here are example for models and motifs of ceramic floor that becomes trend today.

Wonderful Ceramic Floor Design Art1. Ceramic floor model with combination between stone color motif and dark wood. If your interior has bright color, this motif is suitable with your minimalist home.

Popular Ceramic Floor Design Inspiration2. Ceramic floor model with combination between stone color motif and bright wood. It’s suitable for your bathroom.

3. Six square tile model with color motif of moss rock. It gives natural impression.

4. Ceramic floor with dark blue rocks color motif. It’s better for a minimalist home with interior color that bright.

Futuristic Ceramic Floor Design Collection5. Modern tile motif with the paper writing motif. It’s suitable for your work space floor that bright.

6. Six square medium floor tile model, with degradation color – blue to gray. Middle color degradation – marine blue is enough to dominate and make the floor looks contrast and different.

Great Ceramic Floor Design Type7. Floor tile with bright beige wood motif, this motif has become a trend since three years ago to the year 2012 still attracted by many people.

For tile model with wood motif is usually to replace the wood floor, because wood floor are more extra for care. So people prefer to choose tile resemble wood floor.

Hopefully this ceramic floor model can be your inspiration in choosing a ceramic floor.