Attractive and Artistic Anneau Chair Design Model

Unique Anneau Chair Creations by Pierre Paulin

Unique Anneau Chair Creations by Pierre PaulinAnneau is a work that recalls on famous Paulin’s work, namely “fauteuil 780” which is also known as one of the last creations “Concorde”.

New Anneau Chair Designed by Pierre Paulin from the 2010 Ligne Roset collectionAnneau changes the traditional lounge chair concept to be very beautiful with an interesting creation. Anneau is a chair designed by Pierre Paulin from Ligne Roset collection 2010. This chair combines simple circle base and this chair seems floating.

Attractive Comfortable Chair Design IdeasThis chair remains one of the most beautiful pieces of Pierre Paulin as seats. A simple circle of strained material is shaped like a bicycle basket with set on base made of two rectangular steels folded.