Attractive Two Bedroom Open Apartment Decorating Design

Exotic 4 Bedroom Apartment Decorating Design

Exotic 4 Bedroom Apartment Decorating DesignGenerally people agree that the room arrangement in the house can reflect the owner’s personality. For example, when entering into the living room, the owner’s character can be identified. People say that spacious and open living room describes the owner has candor. Even when entering into this apartment, we will see a pantry table into the dining room, decorated room, and mini bar beside the pantry. Mini bar can be used as guest bedroom, and beside it is the maid bedroom because adjacent service area. Not far from the balcony there is family room and master bedroom. The master bedroom and one room behind the family room is equipped with a bathroom inside.

Interior that adapted from this upper class urban lifestyle is expressed with innovation that can meet the owner’s needs when in one room. For example, a shelf that serves as work table or dressing table, bathtub in the master bedroom that usually located at the top but it placed parallel to the floor or under floor. Similarly, two stoves are placed against the wall that also serves as the cabinet at the top.

Adorable 4 Bedroom Apartment Decorating DesignNatural Pantry Table
Solid wood pantry table has length of 400 cm and width of 90 cm. Two stoves mounted on the wall pointing up that resembles a storage cabinet with height of 240 cm beside the table inside. On the pantry table is designed to cook or to heat the food that made of black glass material measuring 60 cm x 50 cm with thickness 0.5 cm.

Two open shelves for the needs storage are placed above the sink. Height shelf from sink approximately 60 cm while the shelf above it approximately 50 cm with width 30 cm. At the bottom slightly to the front along the shelf, there is the small lamp. Shelves and wall in the pantry area were painted using white color. White cabinet under the sink has four doors with each door width of 38 cm. Beside table there are two white open shelves with height of 50 cm and width of 30 cm. Both shelves serve as wine storage, spice place and mini flower vase.

White L-shaped mini bar is designed beside the pantry with mirror background behind open shelves with length of 130 cm, width of 40 cm and height of 60 cm. The range between the first shelf and the second shelf is 40 cm. Round table with height of 103 cm and diameter of 60 cm and then two chairs with height of 80 cm. These table and chair accompany us to relax in the mini bar.

Extraordinary 4 Bedroom Apartment Decorating DesignShelf serves as table
This innovation created through precision in capturing the needs essence now and future. As on the left near the door, open shelves are designed in white to set up supplies such as clothing, shoes, books, magazines, and others. While in front, there is a glass table with thickness of 1 cm for make up. Shelf beside it has length of 270 cm, width of 50 cm and thickness of 5 cm with range between shelves 50 cm. Total open shelves have six stacking up.

Shelf that serves as a table with length of 180 cm, width of 50 cm and height of 75 cm with the front wall designed like white bearing with decorative buttons like the sofa back that give aesthetic living space. On the top, there is a clear glass shelf with length of 180 cm, width of 20 cm and thickness of 1 cm. While the upper wall was given a mirror up to the ceiling. The wall under the shelf that serves as a table made of the mirror with slightly darker shades like a mirror on it.

White primary color is so dominant in this room because white color has spacious and clean impression and also portray high confidence sense. Of course, the white color is very important and neutral. Because of becomes the dominant color, a few accessories such as black and red boxes to balance this area. In order to look nice, the box is placed very bottom, exactly above white rectangular boxes.

This space has function 3 in 1. As an ornamental space, mini work table, and shelves to put the owner’s needs and equipment. Glass with thickness of 1 cm into the ceiling limits this space from the front of the elevator, very transparent.

Glamor 4 Bedroom Apartment Decorating DesignDining Room
White dining table has length of 200 cm, width of 100 cm and thickness of 3 cm. Stainless steel legs flanking the two table sides with six white dining chairs. The quite unique thing, on the dining table there are four white plastic light boxes which have length and width of 25 cm and height of 10 cm. Above four lamp boxes are placed a crystal glass vase.

Beside dining table there is printed paper that describes the stylish girl. The length of 305 cm, width of 48 cm and height from the floor of 105 cm that the top and bottom are made of dark mirror. Above the dining table there is light that around it is brown color with diameter of 60 cm. There are six small lights inside.

In front of dining table that is part of the pantry table at the end, designed smaller to be used as display rack for five candles with diameter of 8 cm that placed above the stainless steel coaster which both ends are rolled circular. Above the desk there is a hung mirror with black trim of velvet fabric like bud and root. Mirror has height of 100 cm and width in the middle of 90 cm.

Beside the pantry table there is wooden display that coated with black leather with height of 120 cm, diameter on top of 30 cm and diameter at legs of 40 cm. On it there is a black ceramic vase with diameter of 40 cm with white orchids.

Artistic 4 Bedroom Apartment Decorating DesignFamily Room
L-shaped sofa with length of each section of 240 cm, width of 90 cm and height of 45 cm that equipped with six pillows, 2 white and 4 maroon. Family room that adjacent with balcony is covered with soft carpet like fleece with thickness of 4 cm. Short-legged table with length of 15 cm and width of 90 cm, on top of it is given a black glass table with size of 50 cm x 50 cm with height of 10 cm. On this black table there are two vases with the same material and color.

Beside the sofa there is a round table with diameter of 55 cm and height of 45 cm that on it there is iron statue. Arch light is selected to complete the lighting layout style. Style girls wall printing has the same composition with the dining room.

LCD TV and a shelf in front of the family room were designed against on the brown wall with length of 130 cm, height of 250 cm and thickness of 7 cm. Equipped with three white shelves with length of 105 cm, width of 25 cm and height of 50 cm. There is still a rack positioned above the LCD with length of 240 cm, width of 50 cm and height of 45 cm.

Minimalist 4 Bedroom Apartment Decorating DesignThe Master Bedroom
Black leather bed head textured freckle bulge with length of 280 cm, width of 90 cm and thickness of 15 cm. Above bed head there is a mirror to the ceiling with width of 360 cm, but the mirror is divided into two, each has width of 180 cm. Beside bed head there is shelf with length and width of 45 cm and thickness of 15 cm. Two hung plastic lights are divided into three layers with ten small lights with height from the floor of 170 cm on either side of the bed.

In front of the bed there is LCD TV that attaches to the wall with height of 280 cm and width of 180 cm. The wall that made of freckle black leather that the same as the bed head, divided into four sections with each has width of 45 cm. Under the TV there is a white shelf.

The bathroom is fused with the main bedroom. Silver bathtub is designed parallel to the floor with length of 100 cm, width of 95 cm and height of 50 cm. There is a clear glass that limits the shower area with bed. The length of the glass is 180 cm, width of 60 cm and thickness of 1 cm. Height of glass to the ceiling. Wardrobe with height of 80 cm beside the bed adjacent to the bedroom glass. Open shelf above white cabinet with three drawers and above the hangers there is open shelf with width of 40 cm and thickness of 4 cm to store pillows, books, ornaments and other owner’s needs.

Unique 4 Bedroom Apartment Decorating DesignNursery
Aperture width and height of the balcony glass illuminate the child’s bedroom during the day. Brown wall above the bed head with width of 160 cm that the left and right side were given a mirror up to the ceiling. Mirror width of 45 cm. Bed length of 200 cm and width of 100 cm. Whitish beige bed head made of synthetic leather. Glass shelf is placed beside the bed with length of 50 cm, width of 40 cm and height from the floor of 43 cm.

The desk with two brown drawers is placed beside bed head with natural lighting during the day because it is near the balcony. The desk length of 120 cm, width of 55 cm and height of 75 cm. On the desk there are two shelves with length of 50 cm and width of 20 cm for placing books and photographs.

In front of the bed near the entrance, there is stainless steel shelf with length of 300 cm, width of 20 cm and height from the floor of 90 cm. Shelf is used to store books, magazines and other items for the child needs. On the top shelf, there is a photographs collection that describes familiar memories of parents and children. Via