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Awesome and Latest Apartment Office Decorating Layout

Luxury Apartment Office Decorating Design LayoutThis apartment gives an idea how to optimize the use of very limited space in one unit both when used as dwelling or as office, so it can provide flexibility for the owner. Sofa and cushions present natural color. Matching accessories like earthenware vase wrapped with rattan or carpet that match with beige marble floor make it looks pretty. Simple teak table makes interior living room looks elegant.

Contemporary Apartment Office Design InspirationLight effect is another aspect that help to create a dramatic atmosphere. With white luminescence functioned as yellow tone like the trees that give out palatial golden color. Carved glass table provides relief atmosphere at dining table that directly adjacent to the family room. Modern natural character also presents in the study room. Wood material dominates the study room and the workspace that designed to create relaxed atmosphere. Bright parquet floor that highlight the wood fiber form dark brown color composition to the workspace, desk, credenza and wardrobe. Brown nuance creates color harmony of this multi-functional space. Also light green sofa refresh atmosphere when enjoying favorite movie of the LCD.

Amazing Apartment Office Design ThemeRoom interior is more emphasis of colors that give soothing and warm impression. Accuracy in choosing color becomes appeal to make apartment looks elegant. Burgundy color that offer elegance nuance presented on bed cover, pillow, sofa, carpet curtain that designed with plant motif complementing the beauty of this bedroom. The right division and placement can provide maximum result in ornamental space that also for cabinets for storage. Parquet selection, wood and wall that colored matching with nature. Wooden cabinets placement near ornamental mirror like column become solution to give the function as well as interior aesthetic value that using wood as main material.