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Basic Garage Door Tips


Article by Elite Sites

There are instances when you have trouble with the garage door and you can’t get a garage door service atlanta ga for another day or so. In that situation, depending on the issue, there are things that can be safely done yourself. The first sign of trouble is usually when the door doesn’t open or does so extremely slowly. Here are two scenarios you can address:


During cold weather the mechanisms on the door will stiffen and as a result the door won’t open, or will do really slowly. Fortunately you can get garage door company atlanta to give you instructions over the phone on what to do and how to do it. With just a few adjustments you should be able to have the door operating normally.

Power Failure

Most garage doors are not connected to battery backup of any sort. This means that when the power goes out, so does the garage door opener. There is usually a cord with which you can release the garage door manually. Pulling this cord will allow you to open it, but be careful not to open it too far if it’s a high garage, this way you can reach up and close it too.