Beautiful and Small Home Gardening Design Model

Exotic Home Gardening Design Type

Attractive Home Gardening Design ThemeA lush garden, cool park or beautiful to looks does not need special care. You may think that having the garden will add to bother taking care of a house, it often makes us reluctant to make a garden. Finally, vacant land left derelict, or just closed down with cement to be used as additional space. Though the existence of the park is very much function. In addition to beautify residential, as well as air conditioning. It is no secret that plants can produce oxygen from photosynthesis. The oxygen that released will certainly help to keep the surrounding air becomes fresher.

Exotic Home Gardening Design TypeHaving land, though small, in the corner of the house, why not be utilized as a small garden? Simply cover with grass, place a few plants – may also pot plants, then place the hardscape to beautify the place, be a simple garden. This simple park also requires the simpel care. No need to water it every day, do the watering only when the plants has begun to dry. The number of plants that are not too many also shorten our time weeding out the dead leaves, and provide fertilizer if necessary.

Minimalist Home Gardening Design GalleryAlthough not many plants, it does not mean the park can not enjoy the beauty. One of the proof, the park in these photos. The grass and some plants can be a garden, adorned with several stepping stone and sprinkling of white coral.