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Building a New Home from Scratch

Written by: Lyle Charles

Learn the pitfalls of building a new home from scratch.

building-home-from-scratchBuying a plot of land in the perfect place can be an exciting moment. Maybe you’re building a retirement home that you’ll pass down to your children, or a new vacation home in the mountains. Whatever your project, you’ll want to do it properly and face minimal legal hurdles along the way. You’ll have to consult with a bevy of experts, offering everything from construction advisory services to electrical work and plumbing.

It’s a major undertaking, but this guide will help you stay prepared.

Basic Permits

To build in most cities, you’ll need the proper permits. That involves surveying the land, drawing up plans and seeing a construction claims consultant to finalize everything and prepare your permit applications. Once you’ve received the permits to build the frame, you’ll need to make sure you can put in plumbing and electrical as well. That involves finding the city water main and running pipes from it to your home. If the wiring for your city is underground, you’ll need to speak with the electrical company to tap into those lines.

Legal Hurdles

You’re bound to run into delays or objections along the way. While it’s tempting to consult a lawyer, which you should also retain, it’s better to have construction claim analysis performed by a construction consultant. They can walk you through the intimate details of the project, help you prepare your claims and stay on track to finish on time.

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