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How to buy a wicker sofa

wickerparadise blog 6Written by Wicker Paradise

Wicker furniture sets provide a casual feel that is inviting, comfortable and requires little maintenance. However, with so many varieties of wicker, weaves, and designs, it can be difficult to choose the best sofa set for your home. Here are a few areas to consider before making your choice.

Purpose – Sofas should be comfortable and mainly used for lounging. Look for sofas that are low and have sufficient back support. If you want to use your sofa as a fold out day bed, look for designs that are convertible. If you want added storage, look for designs with built in drawers at the base.

Wicker types – For sofas that will be used indoors, you can opt for natural wicker in a tight weave. This type of wicker is comfortable and will mold and take the shape of the user. For sofas that are left outdoors, look for synthetic wicker that is tightly hand woven. These usually come with a warranty of up to 10 years. Look for ones that specify that they are water and UV resistant.

Other furniture – If you have a coffee table, make sure that it sits with or is lower than your sofa. You can also match your sofa with a rug and floor cushions for a cozy, welcoming space.

Colors – Choose a wicker sofa in a natural shade like black, white and beige, to ensure that it does not clash with the rest of your furniture. You can always add color with similar colored furnishings.


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