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Choosing Between Artificial Grass Infill Options

Written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division.

Many advances have been made in artificial grass technology over the last few years. This has meant that consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to selecting synthetic turf for their new lawn. But these additional choices also mean that there is the potential for more confusion as people try to choose the right artificial grass for their home.

One potential source of frustration can be deciding what type of infill you need for your synthetic turf lawn. Infill is the material at the base of artificial turf that gives support to the blades of grass and helps them to stand up. Artificial grass can come with several different types of infill. One of the most common — especially for fields used in sports – are tiny crushed balls or pieces of rubber or round silica. This type of infill is used because it gives extra support to the blades of artificial grass and helps the blades to stand up straight on synthetic lawns that receive a lot of wear and foot traffic.

If you are doing a residential artificial turf installation, you may want to consider opting for Envirofill. It’s a new type of infill that differs from rubber or silica in several ways. It has a special microbial technology that makes it resistant to bacteria, which is a big benefit if you have children or pets. It is also resistant to mold and mildew while being non-toxic for people and animals and 25 percent cooler than other infill products.

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