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Choosing the Right Material for Your Wine Cellar Door

Choosing-the-Right-Material-for-Your-Wine-Cellar-DoorWritten by ETO Doors.

For wine enthusiasts, having your own wine cellar is a dream come true. The ability to store your collection of vintage wines in a climate-controlled environment allows you to protect your investment while having an ideal place to show off your bottles. Choosing the right door is as important as any other factor in building your wine cellar, especially when it comes to getting the right material.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to your wine cellar door. Here are a few of the most popular materials:

Wood: One the most classic choices for wine cellars, wood gives you many options to find a door that matches the look of your cellar. You can choose from different types of wood such as mahogany, redwood or pine and decide whether to have the wood stained or unfinished.

Metal: You can select a galvanized metal as an option for your wine cellar door. Make sure that the metal is insulated in order to maintain proper temperature and climate control inside of your wine cellar.

Glass: You’ll need to get more than just a basic glass door in order to have proper thickness for insulation and to ensure that it is airtight. Look for insulated or thermal glass. For the best results, select a triple pane glass that is filled with gas or has a vacuum between panes.

Along with selecting the core material, you also have options for decorating your door. This can include carvings on a wooden door or wrought iron features outside of the door.

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