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Coloring Your World with Wall Decals

Best Wall Decals Design PhotoHaving lived with a roommate who probably belonged behind bars at a primatology institute, interior design is obviously not something everyone would appreciate. But nevertheless, interior design has an effect regardless of anyone’s ability to appreciate it. And sometimes the simplest things have the most profound effect. Take color.  Pink and green paint and wall decal color schemes for instance, have been found to have a calmative effect on people – enough to make a difference when one’s designing a prison cell or a hospital waiting room. Certainly enough of a difference for an office, a restaurant – any place you could think of.

Exciting Wall Decals Design PictureWell-executed wall decal placements can add plenty of character to any space. Even the most dense people- such as my aforementioned ex-roommate – would appreciate a how particular designs can make the functions of a living or work space more obvious – or serve a more specific function.

Top Wall Decals Design ArtLiving spaces for example, benefit from warmer colors  like reds, yellows, and oranges, and earth tones like brown and beige. Designs with these colors work well for helping keep things lively. You can then create specific designs around that idea with another purpose. Reds work particularly well at stimulating appetites. No surprise fast food places often include these shades in their color schemes. Use blue and other cooler hues for areas where you feel you might want a calmer mood.

Attractive Wall Decals Design ConceptOne advantage wall decals have over repainting is that these are much less messy and far easier to apply compared to a complete paint job. Online printing and design services also allow anyone to turn any design they have in mind into reality. Wall decals are also far easier to remove compared to paint. When proper removal directions are followed, little to no residue would be left either- making them perfect for store interiors – or for the just plain fickle.

Fantastic Wall Decals Design GalleryIf you’re feeling a little more adventurous you can always go for a total repaint.  But if you’re a dunce at painting, take a hint from this and other posts on this site and see if a wall decal would work for you.  Of course, you can always do both.

photo credits: Mr. Wright, actionhero, KRS Juan, Looking Glass, yaili – all via photopin cc

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