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Contemporary Apartment Decorating Ideas

Modern Interior Design for ApartmentsContemporary Apartment Decorating Ideas – Soft natural nuance becomes the basic idea of apartment arrangement. The uniqueness of this interior brings the natural character to be presented through the furniture that wrapped with a modern touch. When entering a kitchen set that one of fields covered with stainless steel material gives a positive aura that from distance looks like a mirror. The white color dominates the cabinet of pantry area, it’s more beautiful with white nuance.

Small Apartment Living Room Design IdeasCircular chandelier of crystal material describes the glamorous atmosphere in the dining room. It’s also at the meal area, both table and chairs that patterned contemporary classic with strong texture of brown wood with exquisite cream chairs. This contemporary apartment decorating ideas is created to bring the airy and homy atmosphere. This was achieved by providing a lot of openings. Out from the lift, we will meet a kitchen area, dining table and living room with large glass that directly fused to the balcony. According to the owner’s residence, the balcony has to get serious attention because it is really used as a space to relax. Here we can arrange the chairs and table to relax while enjoying the beautiful view.

Studio Apartment Interior DesignsDespite all-round roomy, for rooms which a private such as the three bedrooms position that not seen immediately if we invite relatives come to the apartment. Bedrooms also has proportional distance to unit area. The master bedroom is designed to display warm atmosphere. So that, parquet wood flooring was chosen to cover the floor. Circular patterns becomes decor character that presented through rugs motif, bed cover, and bed head. Brown color gradation that collaborate with various beige exudes room figure that are warm and dynamic, especially with a mirror that also serves as a wardrobe. Bathroom that equipped with bathtub also contributes the privacy and the comfort.

One Bedroom Apartment Design IdeasThe color combination, both of floor and wall with the furniture refers to the main theme of modern naturalists, as well as the motives that are applied. Floor tile with size of 60×60 cm matching with the wall color that improvised with carpet that ‘play’ with plaid accent. The strength of soft pastel colors appear dynamic with the strict pattern gives the family room character. The carpet also serves as barrier between the dining and kitchen area. A long sofa with the proper size with balcony area and the wall roomy gives the big role to present a broad view to the outside. Round table becomes unique accent to ‘dilute’ checkered floor and carpet.

Bedroom Ideas for ApartmentsWork space in one area leading to another bedroom. The dynamics of circular pattern is displayed through the carpet as floor mats, table form (Detroit Working Desk), catania working light, and a stationery store. A high shelf without covering becomes a marker as well as a place for displaying books and miscellaneous accessories to sweetener space such as flower vase, photos, candles and more. Overall unit arrangement is intended to offset the routine work and lifestyle in the town, so there is a commitment to bring the interior that comfort to live. Natural theme that packaged in modern can be an option for you who still crave a natural touch. Via