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Contemporary Home in Singapore

Margoliouth contemporary house in Singapore designed by DLab and interior design by AD Lab Pte Ltd.

In accordance with architect’s belief on a sustainable design approach with minimal waste, and in finding the best design solutions with economically, reconstruction projects in Margoliouth street retain the majority of the existing two floors bungalow on site.

The house is already there and follow the Western model which is positioned as an object in the scene, surrounded by grass.

In the new design, DLab architectural firms asking the relevance of this model in the context of tropical Singapore, where the usefulness of the grass is very limited.

Architect looking for an alternative strategy for dealing with internal and external space that will make the park area to live and allow it to positively affect the living space in terms of cooling and regenerative properties.

DLab design is understood as a cluster of volume, some of them have solid form in a positive and some negative hollow volume.

This volume is positive and the negative of the various proportions that are arranged in a non-hierarchical spatial organization in which the positive volume contains a variety of domestic functions and negative volume on a yard or a room outdoors.

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