Contemporary Minimalist Open Apartment Design Inspiration

Exotic Open Apartments Bedroom Design Decor

Minimalist Open Apartments Living Room DesignThis apartment is arranged with roomy layout and only using little space barriers. From the elevator and into apartment unit, endless vista seen from dining table, family room to the balcony area. Structuring that completely open space like the dining room, family room or living room, kitchen area equipped with mini bar presents spacious impression in this apartment. Interior designer attempt to present spacious impression in every apartment spaces.

Luxurious Open Apartments Kitchen DesignBeautiful and comfortable house atmosphere is a dream of many people. Quite reasonable dream, considering the house is not only a place to live, but also becomes activity center for each occupant. The kitchen is arguably one important activity center in the house. The ideal kitchen is a kitchen that can truly meet the owner’s needs. Therefore, elegant and attractive kitchen arrangement becomes important thing. In this kitchen was made special ceiling, so that the kitchen has the impression like space itself, but the architect still consider unity with other rooms while presenting extensive atmosphere. Lengthwise table in mini bar was designed lightly lifted to give the light impression. Lighting design also varied by combining between the blue light from wine place with yellow light around mini-bar table that make this space appear dynamic. At mini bar side, there is wine bottles place that designed quite interesting. From the bottom of this wine place is like stick on pole because of transparent glass part which quite blurred. Blue light glow becomes the main attraction of this wine place that appear modern and exotic.

Exclusive Open Apartments Dining Room DesignFrom the kitchen area, the interaction between space is fused. The use of matching furniture colors, making the separation of function space sightly. Even so, the sign between spaces still exist. For clean kitchen area is marked with mini bar. While between the dining room and family room separated by a table with accessories that higher than the sofa, as well as a statue in the corner of couch. Using glass material as alternative to unify the space inside with the atmosphere outside. Interior elements selected that have aesthetic aspect such as light in the corner of couch that shaped round and light house of extending pieces from coconut shell material.

Great Open Apartments Decorating Design ModelBy sitting on the couch, we’ve been able to enjoy the scenery outside. Vice versa, to observe the dining room, kitchen, the master bedroom and child’s room not need to go there, simply look at through the glass when sitting outside. In addition to functioned as place for rest, in the master bedroom is available dressing table in the corner near the bed. In order to between spaces still the broad, designer presents transparent space to the bathroom by using clear glass material. You can lower the curtains to cover the glass to the bathroom if desired. Brown L-shape elongated sofa looks matching with wall wood motif color on it. Although large and long enough, it does not seem crowded. The ceiling was given the round touch with golden light giving the distance effect that become the main attraction of this family room.