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Dream and Wonderful Urban Dwelling Design Gallery

Awesome Urban Dwelling Design ModelPopularity of architecture should not be achieved only for trend, but also should be formed by philosophy value, function, and aesthetic. Combination between mediterranean design and Java is called ‘Medijavanean’. This concept appears in residence that located in Taman Giri Loka, BSD. This home is implemented mediterranean design concept that combined with java design concept. Two design styles concept is a concept that become architect’s characterize, Shonny Archaul.

Charming Urban Dwelling Design ThemeConfidence and the appreciation of his creation design on antiques became the inspiration to make this style. Building appears more “friendly” and meet the global fashion, so many people like it. This residential design is suitable with the owner’s expectation who wants a natural atmosphere and includes nostalgia aspect as well as homy and elegant. Generally, Medijavanean design appears predominantly in pyramid-roofed shape with low slope (flat roof). Almost all walls were finished with natural stone and rustic texture paint. Shades of beige-brown color resembling the desert color that coloring almost all parts of the building, with unique accent touch on typical ornament pits, ranging from the building facade. Another characteristic that show Medijavanean style is the presence of porticoes and canopy that shaded the porch and window, as well as emerging the tower forms that serves as air circulation path.

Spectacular Urban Dwelling Design ModelThis Medijavanean characteristic also applied till the space in the building. The structure columns entirely exposed through arcade form application on the beam structure and wall decorating pattern that looks at each room. This concept is supported also by the application and exploration of matching material, which includes the natural character of the Mediterranean typical and Java that tends to be natural rustic, such as exposed brick, wrought iron, terracotta, as well as various types of wood and natural stone.

New Urban Dwelling Design InteriorJava concept applied to the room layout and some major elements in the building, such as ‘gebyok’ door and furniture, and also other antique knicks that nuanced Javanese. This concept started with building form that patterned grit in the variative form according to function. Grit pattern is mainly appears in the form of four main pillars in the main room, which called ‘saka guru’, that adopted from Javanese culture. In general, residential area impressive open with abundant sunlight that supported by sufficiently large window opening.

Top Urban Dwelling Design GalleryThe building consists of three floors. Entrance area is portico roofed terrace with ‘gebyok’ door of Javanese traditional typical, that seemed matching with the overall room nuance. Residential area in the 1st floor has open plan concept with rooms functional and grit structural pattern on the left and right side. This area is also leaving open space in the middle of the room, so the room felt spacious. Main functional rooms in the first floor include living room, family room, dining room, master bedroom, service room, and stairwell.

Interested Urban Dwelling Design Ideas2nd Floor is also open plan concept, consisting of the child’s bedroom, play room, sitting room and open fitness room above the pool area. Similar to the 1st floor, room on the 2nd floor also designed natural and comfortable atmosphere. This is mainly due to the smooth air circulation within the building, which in addition supported by the presence of wind tower, also supported by the presence of void that formed by the field of the 1st floor, 2nd floor and 3rd floor which intersect each other. Level 3 is mosque area.

Riveting Urban Dwelling Design CollectionOUTSIDE SPACE & LANDSCAPE
Space outside of the building consists of a plot of garden designed in tune with the house, there is a fish pond and swimming pool. The room outside is the water element as the dwelling orientation that appears unique with the existence of ‘gebyok’ door and Javanese traditional window as background and tropical plants laid out naturally that blends with the rocks around it. A water feature is fountain that comes out from an ancient bowl is attention center. In the end turquoise swimming pool color shade, splashing water, as well as fresh green elements, presenting natural homy atmosphere and fun in the building. Via