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Elegant Minimalist Residence Design Concept

Futuristic Minimalist Residence ConceptGR House, a house which stands on area 580 m² by Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture is located in the dense region of Sao Paulo, Brazil. A house is very distinctive touch of Bernardes Jacobsen, with the wood element and strong line composition on the facade.

Fantastic Minimalist Dwelling ThemeWith limited land condition, the existing site of the modern minimalist house is transformed into an oasis in a desert. Building combined maximum on green landscape system with vegetation of amazon tropical forest.  Downstairs interior is made very open to the park and allow sunlight into the room.

Latest Minimalist Residence InspirationThe atmosphere in the room was very spacious because the structure system used and the space pattern allows to reduce column usage. The combination between white marble and wood element to form warm and elegant atmosphere. Second-floor bedroom is also very nice, there is full facade window to catch sunlight, from here we can direct the view to the pool and garden in front of it. If you expect a little dim room atmosphere, we can close the window easily by using the sliding door.