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Exotic and Beautiful Interlocking Home Design Concept

Contemporary Interlocking House Design ConceptOffice and residence have contradictory function. Residence tends introvert; it means closed from public attention. Room inside and indoor garden as the center of activity in this house, the rooms are private. In contrast to the office function more extrovert; it means open to the public attention, space is very accessible and becomes public identity.

Luxurious Interlocking House Design ThemeThis design strategy to inject office function into home function. Office is one element from the entire spaces that should be accommodated in the residence. Introvert and extrovert or residence are manifested in the first curved wall. Extrovert or office becomes second curved wall, introvert curved wall also becomes big screen to extrovert appearance of the office.

Futuristic Interlocking House Design InteriorThe first floor consists of master bedroom, dining room, garage and office space. Office space has bathroom and exit directly. Park on the first floor that located at the site corner providing lighting function and air comfort. The second floor consist of three bedrooms, bathroom and family room, it’s real home function. A large void on the second floor, in addition to functioned as link between the floor also to distribute clean air from the floor.

Modern Interlocking House Design ArchiveInterlocking game is a geometry game. Geometry or area is an important element in architecture. “My experiment was banging geometry objects to create space, even impact concept is applied on the wall, floor and ceiling,” said the architect.

This is done to create variety of different view inside and outside the home. “I wish every people who came to the house that designed LG can enjoy the view, I do not want people coming into the house just came without any fresh visual treats because visual treat is very important in life,” said the architect.

Fantastic Interlocking House Decorating DesignCanopy or window in the House;
I see that space not only has the function but we can create more than it. Space is not only introvert but also extrovert. So the window creation inside is to confirm that the space can stand itself like small house. We can see ‘inside’ from inside the room as we see ‘out’ from inside the room. Canopy function inside is to minimize the people’s chance from outer space to look into inside (privacy). The window was created for the room owner. We’re from the outside can only enjoy the window form and canopy only. LG is ‘home inside the house’.