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Exotic and Dream Beach Villa Design Inspiration in Bali

Awesome Beach Villa Design BuildingBali Villa – This villa is located on the edge of a cliff as high as 40 meters from the beach below it. The owner is a expatriate couple who want a villa in Bali as their second home. The owner’s request who wanted the two pools at this villa becomes a request which is quite challenging for the architect to be realized.

Best Ocean Villa Design ProjectThe building that consists of two floors is using a column cover of rough temple stone with large enough size, 40x40cm. Banyu Biru Villa is dominated by the use of natural materials, such as: rough temple stone, ironwood, andesite fuels, green stone, indian stone (mother green), acid washed marble, silikarang sandstone, white rocks and sandstone.

Latest Beach Villa Design ArchiveOne that stands out in this villa is the swimming pool that made “float”, and then supported with a range of irregular concrete columns which are the “experiment” that quite interesting to see. In practice involves structure consulting that responsible to the power of pool that “float”. Water overflowing from the pool housed in the pool at the bottom, which is located on the ground floor that equipped with a jacuzzi. The guitar analogy gives an idea for this pool. Green stone material and indian slate mother green give sea color effect and color of seaweed farming in the water beneath.

Exclusive Bali Villa Design LayoutThe interesting thing is the bale placement which located at the end of villa. Bale is very high like flying, so as providing spacious for the owner to enjoy the stunning sea view. Building with total area of 1145 m² and building area of 669 m² is considered simple in form but highly detailed in process every corner of the building. All carefully considered, including neatness and accuracy in creating solution to solve problems that found in this building.

Popular Ocean Villa Bedding Design ModelThe colors that used in this building interior is using natural colors that “blend” with the building shell. Brown, black, and white are the dominant colors that selected by the owner.