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Extraordinary and Exclusive Ocean Villa Design Inspiration

Amazing Beach Villa Design ModelBeing in this villa, the guests will be treated with very charming beach panorama with green hills background. The natural beauty can be enjoyed from the villa porch. To create more attractive view towards the beach, landscape designer adds some large trees such as palms, frangipani, coconut and some other large trees to complete the existing plant. The large trees structuring and placement in the beach in front of the villa, making the scene more alive.

Awesome Ocean Villa Design ConceptVilla building facade puts terrace space to be attraction central. From this place, all beauty around the villa can be enjoyed. Terrace space is more dominated with the natural material installation. Along the floor is covered with wood, while along the wall in front is covered with natural stone, so there is no massive impression at all. Similarly, the furniture is laid out on the porch, all are made of wood with soft brown color. Stairs to the terrace also is made of wood. The natural material combination with calm pastel colors, present tranquil and naturally atmosphere in the terrace space.

Beautiful Beach Villa Design ViewThe beach atmosphere becomes more beautiful with the presence of a large pond along the terrace. Sitting on a lounge chair in front of the pond, as if the villa is really fused with the beach. As far as the eye could see only the visible expanse of water framed by hills. Being in this place, it’s most felt if the man is very small and does not mean anything compared to the majesty of universe.

Luxury Beach Villa Design AtmosphereNot only view to the beach that can be enjoyed by visitors, the garden around the villa is equally interesting. The plants arrangement with a variety of green plants, showing a cool and beautiful garden. The presence of stack from the mountain stone in one corner of the garden adds natural nuance. Villa room building with a lot of openings and directly related to outer space makes every guest can freely enjoy the beauty of various trees grow in the garden. Degradation of plant arrangement is so flowing, as if creating a beautiful symphony and reassuring.

New Villa Garden Design ModelA variety of tropical plants, both the shady, shrubs and bushes all thrive in the garden. There are coconut trees, palms, bromeliads, Aglaonema, heliconea, kadaka, ginger, iris and giant taro. The plants combination that rely the beauty of these leaves have almost the same needs, so that when mixed, they do not fight each nutrient.