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Fantastic and Spectacular Home Decorating Architecture

Luxurious House Decorating ArchitectureWhen the architect got the chance to design this house, the owner didn’t think that this narrow area can meet all needs of space even be able to accommodate family’s routine activities like party, an event that usually attended by about 60 people. The owner said that the party does not interfere resident’s daily activities, so it becomes an interesting challenge for architect to express the character in the work.

Charming House Decorating ArchitectureBased on the needs, architect trying to do an experiment to create new design. Presenting experience that open new ideas. Typical of middle-class urban people becomes the inspiration in designing a house with land area of 220 m² and building area of ± 300 m². Design theme that will be built is how to “put thing outside into the house”. It is applied on the space layout and openings to the outside and inside like window inside the house, holes that have irregular shape like box for ventilation and winged wall above the sofa.

Innovative House Decorating ArchitectureTo accommodate the guests, the architect provides three guest rooms. Two common living rooms and one living room that interrelated and certainly have artistic value, comfort and privacy, especially privacy for the family living room should be preserved well. One way to maintain the privacy of the family living room is providing divider on the ceiling that resembles wing so that the family living room that located higher than the general living room can not be seen from the bottom and vice versa.

Contemporary House Decorating ArchitectureSimilarly, the use of “window inside” serves to expand the view and to maintain the interaction between space. The window inside gives the image of “house within house” and also becomes one of the architectural solution for the lighting problem in the house. In addition, it also serves to give flexibility to the view in all directions, so that boredom can be avoided and the comfort and privacy will be obtained. Another function of window inside is as a vehicle in the interaction between space, so that one space with other space would be interconnected and interrelated.

Interested House Decorating ArchitectureWith the concept and completion above, any person who accesses the house will get a unique architectural experience, enjoying the phenomenon of diversity and openness in the house like atmosphere in the village. ‘Breathing space’ in the house presented through the window inside, a new and unique concept, added with various forms of ventilation. The wall design that made more prominent becomes an interesting experience in this house. Two tilted pole like two chopsticks that stuck become surprise in front entrance of the house. Full impression when visiting this house. From the facade, this house has been given certain characteristic that give new meaning for our architectural idea.