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Futuristic and Fantastic Dwelling Design Concept

Attractive Living Room Design DecorThe narrow land if designed properly can present roomy and comfortable for the resident. Building facade design is not the end goal, only 4-sided geometry. “All people who passing must have different perceptions when looking at this house, unique, strange, funny, but the owner is comfortable”. The important thing is the building should be kept to maximize natural lighting and aeration. So, the layout should pay attention to the openings. Openings can be created on the sides and rear of the building. The building side is torn about 1m to maximize light and air, while behind is still made tiny balcony.

Artistic Child Room Design TypeAs the result, layout in this land is made open plan. Culture and daily habits become initial analysis in designing this house. The owner is pleased with the characteristic of Japanese culture. He also likes home design with Japanese style. Well, this house is a combination of Japanese design with local culture. “The Japanese always think practically, the space is divided by time”. So, the room is open, one room for all. All furniture is made ‘mobile’, so easily moved and folded.

Luxurious Dining Room Design ThemeThe entire building color is neutral color, white, and gray, so that the building becomes canvas for furniture and accessory element in it. Home without terrace, from carport, main entrance open to the pantry. Pantry regarded as the center of the most frequently used. So, deliberately placed in front. Behind there is bar table with wheel-legged. If there is a big event, this table can be shifted. Without bulkhead, behind the bar immediately ordered a sofa set with a wooden table without finishing as the family room. “Table is also set the wheel. Anyway, all that can be given away, there must be the wheel.

Modern Master Bedroom Design DecorationSpecifically analyzed is the master bedroom. The bedroom, work room, and bathroom are combined open plan. At the rear, there is a balcony as a relaxation area. Bathroom area is only separated by an imaginary boundary flooring material. Two sides of the bedroom is made of glass. So, the view outside is maximum.

Spectacular Resident Design ConstructionBehind the family room, there is a service area that partitioned with bookshelves. The family room side, there is staircase as line leading to a private area. This stair is made dramatic. If the evening, which seemed only a dim light that flanked rustic board and fusia colored wall. On the top floor, there is two bedrooms with two bathrooms. This floor is closed with timber in order to seemed relaxed. All spaces are only sealed gypsum. Child room is very small in the front area. While behind child room, there is wardrobe area.