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Landscape Fencing Ideas

Written by Farm Supply Store

Fencing your garden or outdoor space can considerably improve its overall look while at the same time enhancing your privacy. An improvement in your privacy would imply that you would be able to spend more time outdoors. Depending on the nature and use of your garden, there are numerous fencing solutions that could be considered. The design and material of the fencing would play an important role in your final decision.

Lattice panels

If you have a relatively smaller area, you might transform it into a secluded space by using lattice panels on its borders. The panels allow breeze to get through and ensure comfort along with privacy, especially during summertime.

Privacy Fence

A privacy garden fence is ideal if you wish to transform your outdoors for family gatherings or to become your own private haven. This type of fencing would allow you to screen your patio away from your neighbors. This would also serve as a warm and welcoming backdrop for outdoor activities. In order to increase privacy, you could also consider adding a gate.


If you wish to protect your plants, especially fruits and vegetables, from other animals and predators, you could consider an electric fence installation. This type of fencing is effective in keeping any form of wild animals at bay. Its installation is quite quick and easy and can be completed within a single day.

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