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Latest and Spectacular Residential Design Project

Aesthetic Residence Design BuildingIn the area of 126 ha will be built 12 clusters. Currently, there are already launched two clusters, that is Elysium Garden as a mascot and LeJardin @ Elysium Residence. At Elysium Garden was built 380 housing units, and construction has been since early August 2010. While the Cluster of LeJardin @ Elysium Residence was built 184 units that have been launched on February 2011. Early 2013 will be released the third cluster.

Best Residence Design PhotoAs a mega cluster, The Elysium Garden has various advantages. Among them, it was built in the area that has been living and environmentally friendly. Also available facilities, Food-Fest, Sport Village and the lake area of two hectares. Cluster Elysium Garden was built on an area of 12,6 ha. House type that developed is middle-affordable type. Such as Etro type 134/363, Elasa 84/260, and Elanor 64/200. Whereas, LeJardin @ Elysium Residence cluster is developed on an area of 3,5 ha. It offers house type 43/72, 48/84 and 55/105.

Exclusive Residence Bedding Design TypeAll the houses in the Elysium Garden cluster with contemporary classical theme are developed two floors and no fences. Meanwhile, the house at LeJardin @ Elysium Residence was built one floor and has minimalist modern architecture. The developer targeting all levels of society. However, the developer usually offers the house with the ‘growth’ concept, it means there is still a land that can be developed for expansion.