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Latest Japanese Style Home

Japan Style HomeInner life and the room Japan style, are set for life outside the union with a semi-outdoor space and filled with fresh air by opening it through the sliding door.

Japanese ResidenceLife on the outside of the yard filled with outdoor air. Plan is surrounded by outer space air, which is placed in the middle of house where it’s able to receive rain.

New Japanese HouseA very small home plan is not looks prominent and a room design is not boundary between the outer and inner.

Small Japanese HomeOpen level can be adjusted by opening and closing the door on the outside of home. Semi-outdoor area in this corridor to reach every room. This residence was extended to central park. It serves as a shade tree in summer, and as a protector in the winter in this house.

Japanese HouseIn densely area, you can leave the open door to fresh air. This house was built in an old residential area where the narrow streets.