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Latest Small Apartment Decorating Design Guidance

Red and White Small Apartment Decorating Design LayoutThe Functional, Practical and Flexible Design Concept
An apartment is one option that can be taken to be able to stay in midtown. Space requirement in the residential area had been compacted in apartment unit with an area of 40-60 m². This apartment interior design with width of 55 m² has a criterion must be able to accommodate an urban lifestyle that functional, practical, and flexible.

Luxury Small Apartment Decorating Interior DesignCreate Indirect Lighting
Apartment ceiling level is usually quite low because it’s for indirect lighting on the dining room area that blends with the family room, so space proportion is higher. Credenza with mirror door beside the entrance becomes the recipient furniture that serves as a versatile rack (could be for storage, place for shoe-sandal, or a telephone). Credenza placement is floated in order to the room still felt spacious and the floor under the credenza sprinkled white flores stone to get a natural impression.

Attractive Small Apartment Decorating Design LayoutMultifunction Desk and Mobile
In front of the credenza is multifunctional island pantry table that can be used as kitchen table, dining table or desk. For easy setup, desk or island pantry table is fitted the wheels in order to be shifted as needed. If you need the large room and dining table capacity for 2-3 people, this island pantry table only shifted close to the wall. But if you need dining table capacity for 4-5 people, dining table can be shifted to the middle of the room so the two sides of the table can be optimized. The combination of stainless steel material for the top pantry table and sandblast glass for dining table gives modern clean and simple impression.

Latest Small Apartment Bedroom Decorating DesignFloated or Hidden Furniture
In the master bedroom, the bed and dressing table are set float in order to the space seem roomy. Dressing table mirror also functioned as mini shelf that can be used for storing cosmetics or other makeup, so the table is not cluttered. In principle, floated or hidden furniture and camouflage furniture with the mirror door will give more spacious room impression.

Popular Small Apartment Decorating Design ArchiveCouch Design with Drawers for storage
The same principle is applied for structuring the child’s bedroom. The bed couch looks just a box frame for the mattress, but in it there are some drawers that serves as a wardrobe. Even one of the drawers can be used as drawer and also as cot or put into couch when not needed, so that the bedroom that measures just 2.25 x 3.00 meters is not packed full of other permanent furniture.

Classical Small Apartment Decorating Design ConceptMix and Match Color Creates a Space Character
Furniture color selection for semi-private room is dominated by red and white background. Certainly the impression you want to appear must be brave and confident with an urban lifestyle that practical and dynamic. For the bedroom, gray color accent combination for the background with darkbrown color provides shade and modern minimalist nuance. Via