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Amazing Residence Decorating Images

Modern Residence Decorating PictureHouses are designed like a rest home. Although the settlements located in downtown Denpasar, Bali Indonesia. Developers want the atmosphere in the housing like in a resort, with the houses atmosphere still felt as residence. The developers want a design with city green oasis concept in order to residents feel comfortable, even their homes are in the middle of bustling city. Besides that, in order to maintain the privacy environment and every residents so close, housing units built in limited numbers, only 36 units.

Beautiful Residence Decorating InspirationEntering the residential gate, the resort view is beautiful. Stretch of green garden overgrown bushes and shrubs such as banana, Cambodia, and palm. Fish pond that is located not far from the gate and flamboyant plants and other trees, making green home environment. The residents were treated lobby lounge / club house which can be used for various meetings. In addition, there are playground, swimming pool, complete blank bale, barbecue, as well as open space with multi-functional. Work on landscaping is done before the house construction make house area into shady. The houses further inside making vehicle noise inaudible inside the house.

There are 6 house types that stood in area 1.7 hectares which has 36 housing units. Ie Topaz Green type, Turquoise Green, Jade Green, Emerald Green, Sapphire Green and Diamond Green. The units stood on the land 205-356 m² and large building 178-399 m². Each house has different design and character. Home architecture refers to the tropical home concept. The house is designed with large and wide window opening. Each room has natural lighting. Air circulation using the cross ventilation principle, where the indoor air can flow very well despite not using artificial cooling. Tropical atmosphere is also applied to natural building materials. As chunks of stone, sandstone rock tamarind, wood for the pool deck, and frames. Exterior color of buildings have in common with natural material colors. Added a lotus pond and a swimming pool. “Every home we design with swimming pool.

Amazing Residence Decorating ImagesThe houses are built with modern principles as closely as possible by reducing unnecessary detail such as engraving and profile list. For more flexibility, some rooms in the house blended. For example, a family room related with dining room and pantry. These spaces are designed to bring the garden overlooking the resort atmosphere. A Bali art looks in some parts of the building. Ornamental wall that limits the front garden with indoor garden which is private area, made of red bricks that artistic Balinese. Interior is designed like nature exterior. Presenting the resort atmosphere in a room that makes family members feel at home and excited.

Luxurious Residence Bedroom Decorating Design IdeasDiamond Green is special type with the largest area that has several features. The house gate using Balinese gate. The building is also surrounded with high enough wall, so that residents have good privacy. Spacious living room with the entrance of carved Balinese door with detail of traditional Balinese buildings leading to the modern. Living room and dining room overlooking the garden and swimming pool. The master bedroom related with a swimming pool with glass divider. The swimming pool is like room terrace.

Charming Residence Bedroom Decorating Design ConceptThree other rooms were designed with beautiful scenery, for example two bedrooms upstairs. Despite not having direct access to the swimming pool, it can still enjoy the blue swimming pool and garden through the bedroom window. While the other room opened with orientation to the spacious living room. Service area, the garage, kitchen, laundry room, and maid room placed in semi besmen. For Emerald Green, a private space located on the second floor. On the ground floor there are living room, dining room and pantry, family room and guest bedroom. Guest bedroom has direct opening to the pool, presenting not very large room but felt spacious. While upstairs, there are two children’s bedrooms overlooking the pool while master bedroom overlooks beautiful and harmonious neighborhood.