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Modern and Contemporary Box Type House Design Inspiration

Attractive Box House Design ConceptMany ways in designing a house that can accommodate the resident’s desire. It can be started by grouping different room function in a residential building. Function becomes an accent in space arrangement, it can close between the occupants with the designed space (inside or outside) and residents who live in it. All arrangements make a mutually beneficial symbiosis. Ethics in this residential design is based on an arrangement concept that packed in a spatial house design with dualism character “minimalist-tropical”, making this urban house expressed natural, calm, and tranquility.

Grand Designs Box House IdeasThis home in West Jakarta was built on parallelogram area with the dimensions of 12×30m². The total area of 360m2, while the building area approximately 800m2 and divided into 3½ floors. Semi-basement floor is used as service area and home theater that has special access. The ground floor serves as the main rooms placement: living room, dining room, pantry, family room, swimming pool, and guest bedroom. The second floor is the private spaces; three children bedrooms and master bedroom. Penthouse floor is created as multipurpose room for gymnastics and pantry with open barbecue that has access to the green garden roof.

Top Box House Living Room DesignThe building was designed massive as facade solution that overlooking to the west. The field looks forward is a wall layer of heat penetration, so it’s just made mini window to flow the air into the building. This great massive area becomes a prominent background as facade accent that closed by a horizontal grille panel. This panel serves as shading, can be open and close appropriate needs. This simple form is combined by giving andesite stone in vertical field in order to appear different in the environment that more Mediterranean stylish, classical and tropical modern.

Nice Box House Design InteriorSimple and minimalist facade becomes the outer skin to protect all activities in which the rich space, as if becomes protector in any spaces. The room functions were created to accommodate all requirements that desired by the owner. The room function is separated but still related with each other. All means how to form separate room but remain united in it, so that a system is necessary, to form room divisions with semi-transparent sliding door. Many details that must be devised to keep the correlation between spaces, spatial composition, and building arrangement.

Modern Box House Staircase Design ModelEntering the main door, created a hidden staircase behind black andesite stone wall. Transparent glass canopy at the building entrance becomes the emphasis accent and becomes point interest in introverted facade field. The space division with sliding door or transparent panel is a strategy to create space more dynamic and attractive. Both the correlation between inside and outside.

Amazing Box House Design PlansTropical Living, Atmosphere & Moods:
Simple and minimal shape on the facade makes a startling transformation when entering the house. We seemed to be invited to explore, according to circulation and the designed space. Hall in the living room, when a sliding door opened, it will be directly through the park toward the back as open space on the building side. The foyer with white sandstone walls, can be directly through the hallway that one of the walls is made of digital-print murals with bamboo forest picture as accent.

Interested Box House Design PhotosWhen crossed, we will find alternate choices of space. Both the dining room adjacent to the pantry, hall stairs as vertical circulation in the middle of building and directly out onto the terrace courtyard and open pool. In general, this building is designed with courtyard house concept and shaped “U”. Then added vertical slits to optimize natural lighting. Connecting area between the front and rear are raised (raise-floor). In this area also placed the family room which has folding glass window on both sides. This floor lifting in addition to make the pool more optimal and has length 9 m², also to make air flow freely and there is no “dead air”.

Unique Box House Decorating Design IdeasRaise-floor is made using transparent glass floor with steel construction, so the family room seem very transparent, both open horizontally into garden and courtyard also invisibility vertical in enjoying light and waves in the pool. At the rear of building on the ground floor, there is a guest bedroom that equipped with walk-in closet that attached to the bathroom. This bedroom has view towards the pool. View can also be enjoyed by all out-line schematic spaces from the ground floor.

Exclusive Box Home Bedroom Decorating IdeasThe master bedroom is located in the rear side on the second floor, while one bedroom is in the middle area, and the others are mutually lined up in front of the building. Top floor is a supporting living, gym (multipurpose), pantry with sitting room roofed skylight, and roof-garden that covers the entire concretes. The entire room creations are based on the owner’s wishes and ideas then processed to get the beautiful atmosphere and the owner’s mood. An iconic of urban house that wants to adopt a minimalist tropical house and be able to create an oasis in the middle of busy and crowded urban.