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Modern and Futuristic Green Energy Efficient Home Design Concept

Aesthetic Energy-Efficient Home Design ConceptClients for energy efficient green home projects require more spaces to accommodate family needs, but they do not want to leave their old home in Venice – one of the quiet neighborhood but close to a lot of access in Los Angeles City. The solution is to maintain and make additions to the house that has area of 2000 square feet, while creating an additional 1700 square feet and the rear side of the yard in the existing building. With an ideal climate throughout the year, an architect redesigns the house with the green architecture concept and creates a continuous open space between the inner and outer space. It is intended to eliminate the needs for air conditioning usage. Some openings are also placed on the ground floor staircase that connects to the roof deck, and the doubling of the chimney to draw cooling air into the house. The building appearance plays with wood as shading to the sun to create a dramatic atmosphere.

Charming Energy-Efficient Home Design GalleryThe volume of the new master bedroom extends out and forms a canopy and carport located directly below. The exterior is coated with a wall system “breathe” on three sides and form a unity with the green roof. Garden landscape laid out to catch rain water and poured into the domestic water treatment. Softscape elements on the roof used as a place to plant vegetables and while lowering grasses maintenance costs and aesthetic plants. The roof also supports to adapt sufficient Solar Panels to meet energy needs in the home.

Spectacular Energy-Efficient Home Design ModelThis house uses features that enhance the high efficiency for energy requirements and combined with a design that also exploit the potential of the land condition. One feature that used is the use of boilers that used for heating water and warms the floor that very functioning in the winter. Recently, the green and energy-efficient home concept like this, it also began to be adapted in many countries. The issue of green architecture becomes a topic that often discussed.