Modern and Futuristic Interior Room Design with Natural Stone

Aesthetic Interior Room Design Photo with Natural Stone

Aesthetic Interior Room Design Photo with Natural StoneMinimalist home decor with natural stone. Along the trend of “Back to Nature”, natural home design becomes a dream for many people. Minimalist home decor with natural shade also includes the special choice for design lovers. In addition to the garden ornament with greenery, natural flowers can also arise by using natural stone.

Best Interior Room Design Image with Natural StoneIn modern era, many people who combine a minimalist home decor with natural stone. It can be applied in home interior or home exterior. Natural impression will occur in a room even added with flower and plant elements will make you feel at home.

For the minimalist decor with natural stone is more expensive depending on the type of natural stone. And then the type of natural stone usually used for home decor is minimalist:

Latest Interior Room Design Archive with Natural StoneHard Rock

This type is older, so it has a high density and low porosity. This rock type is very strong and hard. Andesite stone, slate, marble and granite are included in this group.

Soft Rock

This type is younger, so it has a lower density with high porosity. It causes a rock type is softer. It is sandstone, limestone and temple stone.