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Modern and Futuristic Residence Design Collection

Modern Dwelling Design IdeasThis residence is located on Mosman Store, exactly Swan Pond in Perth, Europe. This residence is not a simple one but two segments because a good garage must has a side of transverse opening.

Attractive House Design BuildingThe elevation in north garage is actually completely covered with glass by using the remote to manipulate running louvres in addition to accommodate sun in summer also to complete penetration of sun in winter. Transversely side is arranged at the rear of home inside to create privacy on the road while retaining the pool view.

Beautiful Real Estate Design TypeGarages that are often framed with aluminum construction, but it is using marine teak cladding. The teak covers almost all locations. How seriously the owner using glass, the house is actually private, shady in summer, bathed in sunlight during the winter, the main opening to make the weather outside can enter inside and also towards very good pool view. Via