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Modern Chair Makeovers

Written by The Foam Factory

With time and use, chairs would tend to lose their shape. Depending on the material with which the chair is made, you might starts to see discolorations in wood or paint chipping off in painted furniture. The foam would also be in need of replacement in order to provide adequate support to the body. In order to carry out a modern makeover of your chairs, the changes below might be undertaken.


In order to bring out some life to wooden furniture, nothing is more effective as a fresh coat of varnish. Before applying the coating, the wooden part of the chair would need to be brushed or scrubbed lightly. A coarse sponge or light sandpaper can be used for this. The aim is to remove the previous varnish coating. The wood can then be polished lightly before the varnish is applied. Lighter colored varnish in matt finishes are more modern.

Foam Replacement

To bring back the bounciness of your old chairs, a foam replacement project can be undertaken. Carlo Badalamenti has acquired extensive experience in advising customers of foam projects. This process is simpler than a sofa foam replacement and can be carried out as a DIY project at home.


Redoing a paint job is another way of conveying a modern look to an old chair. This is especially the case for outdoor furniture. Modern colors such as turquoise or lime green are particularly suited for these types of makeovers.

The Foam Factory specializes foam products suited for DIY projects such as foam seat.