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Modern Classic Apartment Design Gallery

Attractive Minimalist Apartment Design BuildingWhen viewed from the outside, this apartment model looks minimalist style. But if you look at the interior, actually there are two types inside. They are classical modern and eclectic minimalist (not too minimalist), though more neutral. If the old men are usually happy with large units with semi-classical type, while the young, prefer a minimalist. The construction was built semi furnished, such as kitchen, wallroof and bathroom there is a shelf underneath. Also, each room was given parquet while the livingroom had been using marble.

Wonderful Classic Apartment Decorating Design ConceptIn each unit is also equipped with intelligent home. This equipment can be operated with the PDA system, so it can turn on the air conditioner from the office or from the road, so when the door opened, cold air has been felt. This apartment complex offers a vast urban park and dominant to the site. There is a large reflecting pool and tropical trees surrounding it, the pool is counterweight micro climate of this environment. Urban park also serves as social means and recreation for the apartment’s residents.

Popular Classic Apartment Interior Design LayoutThe advantage of tropical nature is nature character and of exotic vegetation. The buildings expression in this apartment complex is from the layout that respond such programs and natural conditions. Design exploration that gives special emphasis on the head of buildings (like the top trees that provide shade), and the building base that responds to the natural landscape (the flow of water, rocks, and shrubs).

Artistic Classic Apartment Design FurnitureThis apartment complex is located in a green open area. This becomes a challenge to present the design to meet the resident’s needs. Limitation of the floor area in this building which is the ‘disadvantage’ for the developer, must be converted into ‘advantage’. The solution is improving all spaces quality in this apartment, through the proper design concept application, effective and unique.

Classic Minimalist Two Bedroom Apartment Design InspirationBecause the success in maintaining balance between built and opened spaces in this area will give a positive impact while increasing this apartment complex value. Diversity is one of the uniqueness and luxury for an apartment complex. Design expression differences in each building will give character and identity for residential occupants.

Good Classic Apartment Kitchen DesignThe uniqueness of these expressions are: The park placement on the upper floor which form the cavity in the middle of the building, and the town house form that has the garden on the floors at the foot of the building. The existence of a private elevator on each apartment and private pool for each town house unit on the ground floor of the building also become other luxury. All items offer a unique on the building design, which featured elegantly. Via