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Modern Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

Black and White Interior DecoratingModern Contemporary Interior Design Ideas – To make the apartment interior looks comfortable and attractive, there are several ways you can do. Several strategies that should be implemented, such as the use of color, or the use of mirror that serves to ‘expand’ a limited area. Similarly, the design that presents the compact apartment equipment that adjusted to the owner’s needs.

Modern Interior Designs for Living RoomsVarious innovations on interior layout is actually to give new vigor on the apartment interior. The goal is the owner feels at ease and comfortable doing various activities in it, with the interior arrangement which dared to be different than the other apartment interior in general. As an apartment with an area of approximately 280 m², given the spirit to create the space with the boxes shape. Equipment consists of the accumulated volume visual that creates rhythm in the new space.

Interior Designs for Small ApartmentsVolume with box-shaped can be furniture such as a table in the main room, but that more striking is on the wall and ceiling. Ceiling area is the part that gets a strong touch. Attempts to express the owner’s desire, but still put forward simple appearance with nice atmosphere. For architect’s team, the work that challenging enough is when connecting the apartment interior with the terrace. Creating a large space that directly open onto the terrace. A wide view outward expected to give energy to ‘insert’ a beautiful view from the outside into the room. This room becomes main room that also serves to receive guests.

Interior Design Ideas for Small HousesVolume with box-shaped can make a room looks dynamic. In order to present the spacious impression, airy, and clean, the colors used are dominated with bright colors. In addition, its presence is also useful to ‘hide’ the functional components and technical, such as air conditioning, sound system, and ventilation. The light setup system can be ‘hidden’ in the volume. the presence of light can be created to be more artistic, because the lights are placed in the inside volume or in the side, thus providing unique glow shade.

Mediterranean Style InteriorsIf the main room accentuates the boxes shape, it is different with the main bedroom. Although designed with the same process, but the forms used are no longer emphasize the box elements, but the fields are completely curved. This method is applied to emphasize the dynamics of function room in the apartment, especially in a private room, the owner wanted a different interior with other spaces.

Interior Decorating Bedroom IdeasIn this bedroom, the space function is created clearly and functionally as ‘furniture object’. A large furniture that equipped with common functions of the bedroom as a bed, desk, closet, bathroom, and more. In general, a table and a closet in the room contest presents separately, but in the bedroom, the closet into the wall by featuring curved areas that serves as the table. A spacious and airy atmosphere with the exit openings created because bedding is stored neatly in a storage area under the bed or in the cabinet around the bed into the wall. Bed material is made of MDF painted gray. Via