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Modern Contemporary Office Design Inspiration

Latest Office Design BuildingThis office building is located in South Jakarta, in a dense region that contains luxury residential and small office. Building that completed in 2010 was built to accommodate the needs of a family company which employs approximately 15 staff employees. The building that built on an area of 450 m² is designed as if it looks like five small buildings that surrounded by lush trees and shrubs.

Artistic Office Interior DesignIn the planning process, not only architect did it but also the staff employees were involved. This is to maximize the function that they would do as principal activity in this building later. The result is spin-space that “flows” and creates the maximum interaction in the building, where many rooms and corridors that can be used as communal space, for chatting and even for having lunch. Limitation of the available land also requires compact and efficient design but it still gives the spacious impression for the offender activities in it, the maximum visual access to landscape layout becomes the solution.

Luxury Office Design GalleryThe unique thing of this building appearance is wrapped with white wall and glass with little iron that gives minimalism and “humble” impression. Then there are some brown porous wall areas of the GRC Board material that give rhythm, creating the warm and fun impression.