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Modern Minimalist Television House Design Model

Modern Television House Noriyoshi MorimuraAn earthquake resistant home design is located in Osaka, Japan, created by architect Noriyoshi Morimura. The house called “Television House” was built on an area +364.36 m² with total area 144.95 m². Two-storey building design with ground floor used as basement.

New Television House Noriyoshi MorimuraAs we know that Japan is a country formed on the top volcanic plate and prone to earthquake. Even the earthquake that occurred in Japan can reach more than 100 times a day. The house designed for private home is also concerned with the response to an earthquake like the other buildings in Japan. Using steel frame structural and integrated with seismic isolator and bearings to flow the load. The work principle is almost same with houses on stilts that was adopted by many traditional houses in Indonesia.

Best Television House Noriyoshi MorimuraPodium foundation layer is thick concrete that form building appearance, dividing the space hierarchy and as barrier between road and building. At 1.5-meter runway is used as well as the media landscape and the “welcome gate”. Circulation pattern of “unusual” in this house, there is access to the house in under construction. It provides gradual transition and unique experience. Circulation pattern in the building adopts traditional Japanese houses with using corridor and light wall. Besides that, frame space system implemented in this building as well as the steel material and expose aluminum gives high-tech and futuristic impression.