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Modern Natural Home in Texas

It was built on the solid material at the original Oak and Juniper trees, the Wimberley house design of Cunningham Architects provide slow and relaxing atmosphere for residents.It’s located on the edge of a cliff in the mountains of Texas, the home has access through a half-mile driveway winding and a short walk from the garage.

A form of “L” in design plan, effectively separating the private bedroom from a general entertaining area consisting of kitchen, living room and dining room.

Thus, the house is essentially two discrete boxes, single-coated fiber cement board and pavilion with glass.

The second access is through glass hallway cantilever, giving the sensation of walking along the edge of the forest.

A spiral staircase is made from galvanized steel to the roof deck can make a big family gathering societies, while the steel and glass railing seek broad views of the surrounding area to 10 miles.

It also acts as a surface to accommodate the rain water to 40,000 gallons in the cistern, so provide for all needs watering home.

As an exercise in building home using energy-efficient construction techniques and local resources and building materials.