Modern Shower Wonderland Fixture by Hego

Waterfall Shower Function

Shower Wonderland Fixture by HegoThis bathroom has a shower bath with two functions. Shower is a trademark of Hego that makes an impression on the bathroom with new shower head with combination.

Waterfall Shower Function
This shower was called by I. WO, which is an abbreviation of “In Wonderland”, because this waterfall shower in modern and comfortable design in trendy function in the fashion world.

Unusual shape and with high stainless steel to complement the beautiful innovative design, which serves as shelf for your shampoo, body soap or razor. Two wheels allows you to control the water flow and temperature.

There is also combo head shower that allows you to choose between standard and luxury waterfall shower. The design for the basin, bath and let you keep the minimalist modern aesthetic throughout the bathroom, also available in electronic models (I.WO.e)