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Modern Tropical Courtyard House Design Scheme

Charming Courtyard Home Design ModelThe three storey house stands on an area of 900 m². Space requirements are tricked by dividing the house into three levels based on the zone allotment of activity at every level. The first level serves as a garage and service spaces, on the second level is placed the spaces that become the main activity place inside the house, such as living room, family room, dining room, and others. While on the third level is used for the bedroom.

Luxurious Courtyard Home Design InspirationThe owner wanted a house with large garden and spaces that have open view towards the garden. The footprint shape is nearly square with landscape width of 30 meters allows many alternative positions for the garden placement that could be done, but considering the footprint condition that is in residential area that attached to each other between one house and another, then the architect found it necessary to create a garden atmosphere more introverted in order to the resident’s privacy is maintained.

Aesthetic Courtyard Home Design ThemeSo the garden was placed in the middle of the footprint and surrounded by the building mass on four sides, so it creates a courtyard inside the building. The courtyard positioned on the second level in the building in order to view towards courtyard that can be obtained by the main rooms are on the same levels. Along the room side facing the courtyard created wide glass window opening to maximize the view towards the courtyard.

Spectacular Courtyard Home Design IdeasThe building mass shape was created to follow the courtyard pattern and the spaces organizing inside with the approach to architectural design that observe the tropical climate aspect but without losing modern architecture impression. The response to climate visible clearly on the building facade that dominated by a wooden lattice element as shading to light and sun heat. The eaves that sufficient large and protrudes forward also serves to shade the building from the rain water.

Amazing Courtyard Home Design ModelWhile modern impression on the facade created by folding roof shape that seemed to connect the floor, wall and roof into one element. One of the building mass which becomes accent on the overall design was designed with elliptical shape with curved transparent glass material. This three storey building mass was upraised and sustained by four columns, so giving the light and drift mass impression.

Best Courtyard Home Design PictureThe correlation between space inside tend to be made in segmented where movement from one space to another space can be felt clearly through the mass separation strategy, the change in the circulation and accent design such as level difference  or flooring material difference. The correlation between space inside and space outside was made in order to become one entity by entering view from the outside into the room. Via