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Out with the Old, In with the New Cushions

Written by The Foam Factory

Old cushions tend to become uncomfortable after several years of use around the house. Whether it is in the living room or dining room, with wear and tear, or just age, cushions tend to drop and lose some of their shapes. The unevenness in shape can be painful to the body and might even lead to muscle pains.

As a solution to this problem you might have considered getting new furniture cushions. Alternatively, you could also consider replacing the foam of your cushions. In order to carry out this project, you could hire the help of professionals. If you are experienced in DIY projects, you could even carry out the foam replacement yourself at home. You would be able to choose the best quality material yourself to guarantee durability and comfort.

Generally, foam companies offer the possibility of purchasing custom foam cushions. For this, you would have to measure down the dimensions of foam required for each piece that you want to replace. You would then have to order the foam required depending on your indoor or outdoor needs. Carlo Badalamenti has been in the foam manufacturing business since the 1980s. Throughout his career he has gained expertise on helping clients making the right choice. For indoor use you might consider durable and dense foam that would be able to stand the test of time. For your outdoor furnishings, fast-drying foams would be more appropriate as these do not retain humidity.

The Foam Factory specializes in various foam products to be used in your foam replacement project and if you are seeking new cushions.