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Palais Bulles: Perfect Vintage Home Design Inspiration

This is a design inspiration to home. This house uses the layout of the pool into the first room of the house as a welcome party for guests and family.

Through this space, our eyes can be fresh and enjoy the great scenery. Almost the entire side of the house can be to look out through this space. The perfect combination of this house is the design of space, color, and good room placement.

View plan of this house will make our eyes open and awe. There was also inspired other bedroom with a blue color scheme that will help us to get closer to the sea.

Here, not only the furniture that uses a blue scheme but also the ceiling space. Next step is the dining room with vintage furniture with a thin dining room chair.

Even it provides a natural contemporary dining room that imitate a modern and minimalist concept.

Well, a perfect imagination space, available in the house this Palais Bulles.