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Popular Wooden Home

Wooden House IdeasThis design is called a tree house, the interior is divided into four rooms with the corresponding function with the height of the ceiling and light quality. Architects have completed this house in Tokyo, Japan.

Wooden Home DesignThe house is made of a series of wooden arches gradually that rise higher as the pivot around the central column. In the dining room, we can enjoy high ceilings and abundance of light, while the dim bedroom with a lower ceiling.

Wooden House ImageAlthough the location has a special meaning in the sense of oppression and darkness, and many buildings are completely covered by adjacent houses, realized with the characteristics of the place as the depth of urban conditions without exposing to the outside, and remote from the city.

Wooden Home ConceptThis location is situated on top of a hill which is connected with a narrow road that leads to a lot of buildings.

Wooden Home IdeasThis house is for a pair built in a residential area on a gentle hill in northern Tokyo.

Wooden Home GalleryAll building materials from wood