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Small and Dream Minimalist Modern Home Design Gallery

Small Minimalist House PlansMinimalist Home Design Type 70. Now, the house type 70 is favored by many people, especially young couple who newly married. With an elegant design comfort and spaciousness, minimalist and modern becomes appeal for those who are looking for a new dwelling. In addition, the minimalist home type 70 primarily presents in tropical minimalist style and the price is very affordable for the middle class. Typically, a house type 70 there are two bedrooms that furnished with good ventilation, living room and family room that connected directly.

Modern Minimalist Home PlansThe excess of house type 70 is the ceiling made higher and a front opening in the front of building, so that the light from outside can enter freely into the living room and family room. “The house type 70 typically has land area of 9 × 14 square meters. For urban area, this type is deemed ideal. Although the building on land that’s not too large, but it can be handled with the ceiling arrangement, color, and furniture, ” The Architect said. The original building for house type 70 usually is made two lines, which means there is a door that leads directly to the service room or kitchen.

Popular Minimalist House Design Building“Most developers always create a house with type 70 with two accesses. The advantages of two access sometimes can give easy for residents, but shortage makes area inside the house looks narrow, “says The Architect. He also suggests, the side door area that is usually connected directly to the garage, it is better to use the door that above it given the glass. With the glass accent above the door, the kitchen area does not seem cramped. In fact, this area will have adequate lighting. In house type 70, better you create the bathroom that not flanked by room, so that light and air from outside can enter and out freely. This is better in layout term and for the occupant’s health.

Futuristic Minimalist Home Design Photos“Generally, this house type is more fit if made with tropical minimalist style. To make it, you can start from the horizontal and vertical line trick or a simple field trick without many ornamentation. While for the color, you may use a fresh color, like yellow doff combined with brown that synchronous and natural stones, “says The Architect. The use of natural stone in the front can give the fresh impression in tropical minimalist style with type 70. Natural color and feature combination of the stone will not make it looks dull and of course it is suitable for your personal home decor.

Exclusive Minimalist House Design InteriorIf you want to decorate the facade, better you still refers to the minimalist and tropical design, by providing roof ridge that can be placed on each front side. Then, you can also play ceiling and roof of the house to obtain more aeration. “Accentuation can be provided through the use of concrete material to support the canopy at terrace. While coloring and other supplementary material may be varied as desired, but it must still have an unity,” said The Architect.

Awesome Home Design MinimalistIn this house type, better you reduce bulkhead in the room. Because the bulkhead which extends between the room can make inside the house felt not roomy. For that, you can reduce to use it. Such as by removing the partition between the dining room and kitchen. You should also look the furniture application well. Choosing decoration such as chair, table, or shelf should be adjusted to the house type. For house type 70, you should choose simple and small size furniture.