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Sofa Design for Playing a Pool

Furniture for home minimalist should be simple and multifunctional furniture. To anticipate the limitations of existing space, unique bunk Here’s sofa that can be changed into a pool, minimalist sofa, very creative and unique.

You can open this sofa before playing a pool, because the function of this sofa can be opened and closed, depend on you when you want to use it.

A striking brown color make this sofa looks natural and perfect for a room that makes minimalist interior design.

Unique SofaIf viewed from the side, a billiard table that is located right above the sofa, it was amazing.

Blend of natural brown and green colors that seem bright, making it more beautiful sofa placed in the family room.

Antique SofaNow, if you feel that this sofa fit in the room of your house, you immediately try to design other furniture in your house, try to create a beautiful minimalist design furniture.