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Spectacular and Luxurious Courtyard Home Design Concept

Latest Courtyard Home Design ThemeThe appeal of this house is the shape like cylinder that finished by blending glass and Bali gray stone. It’s more unique because the courtyard with garden and pool in the house, that managed to bring the natural environment that presents healing effect. Two-storey house with total area of 415 m² and building area 345 m² is located in the Taman Surya Residential adjacent with Soekarno-Hatta Street, Bandung, West Java, that dense, arid and dusty. So that this house design concept focuses on how to bring closeness to nature, so the house atmosphere can provide healing effect for the residents that expected to restore tranquility and become comfortable place to release fatigue.

Wonderful Courtyard Home Decorating DesignThe owner’s wishes to have spiral staircase can be realized because the house was in the corner, so that it becomes strong reason to make the cylinder in the corner of land. This cylinder shape to be eye catching because of Bali gray stone while all other walls were painted with white color.

Exclusive Courtyard House Living RoomThe presence of this cylinder shape which serves as the family room that connect with dining room in the ground floor and as living room void and sitting room on the second floor. Through the windows on the second floor, we can see Tangkuban Perahu Mount as if nature painting in the house. Being in the house but also as if outside the home becomes ambiguous experience which adds to the resident’s interaction with the artificial nature.

Artistic Courtyard House Design InspirationGuest bedroom in the ground floor overlooking the courtyard as well as the master bedroom and two kids bedrooms on the second floor. From the sitting room on the second floor, we have to get out from space before crossing the bridge and through the balcony (on the courtyard terrace) to reach the doors of bedroom. This house provides many experiences and inspirations.

Best Courtyard Home GardenPark outside is designed connect with indoor garden (courtyard) which placed in the middle of land that separates the two house mass. All rooms oriented to the courtyard. In this garden presents koi fish pond with the part of walls given waterfall that can add natural atmosphere. When the glass door is opened, there is a bridge of glass block material that felt dramatic because dividing both sides of pond with splashing of water falling. A small terrace is placed in the courtyard that serve as living room or lounge while enjoying the garden and pool.

Top Courtyard House Design ArchiveThe entrance to the house is not going into confined space such as homes in general, but delivers guests over a bridge that crosses the pond to the courtyard terrace. To go to the family room must pass through the stone that crosses the park. Divider wall between the outside garden and courtyard are made semi-transparent with unique character. The existence of courtyard (which really is not too large) really enriches the family’s interaction with nature in the house. Ventilation and natural lighting throughout the room in the house is able to increase the comfort of this courtyard.

Exotic Courtyard House Kitchen DesignFamily room layout is designed to follow cylindrical shape. Television area with symmetry brown color and elongated white sofa. Extensive view without divider makes family room looks spacious on the second floor. This room is equipped with a mini bar with curved design, sofa, and television. The use of natural materials such as wood in the cabinet is the proper application to create warm and casual impression that suit with stainless steel accents that becomes kitchen facility.