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Spectacular and Wonderful Resort Design Ideas

Modern Resort Design BuildingThis project is a pride and confidence for the architect and Sian’d’sain team to design the hotel and resort in China. The owner wanted a resort that has a strong tradition, which set out from the context of local architecture and location. In addition, the owner wants a high quality, but still on the simplicity line.

Latest Resort Design PhotoThis building concept is based on Tri Hita Karana and the Kala Patra village in Bali. Tri Hita Karana (three harmonious relationships), meaning the relationship between human with the creator, relationship with fellow human beings, and relationship between human with the environment. While Kala Patra village concept (Balinese term) has a meaning, village = place, Kala = time, and Patra = space or condition. Inspired from the philosophy, the architect started brainstorming feedback strategy till presentation to use a miniature model when the owner and his entourage come from China to Bali. If you are planning a trip to Bali, search for hotels in Bali on Expedia.

Beautiful Resort Design ImageThis project consists of five main buildings; first building is a main building in this hotel. At basement floor consists of a special parking, electrical room, air conditioning unit room, and the back house. On the ground floor consists of lobby, reception room, lobby lounge, bar, gallery, back office, and piano podium. Mezzanine floor as break and relax place with roomy sofa that give the grandeur of this hotel.

Best Resort Design ArchiveFirst floor is the dining hall area that consists of a private dining room that contains 10 people complete with powder room inside, as well as special private dining room with capacity of 20 people, main kitchen with area of 230 m² and the dining room with capacity of 264 people. Second floor consists of 7 presidential suite rooms that consists of a master bedroom, bathroom, private spa, livingroom, working area, pantry, and entertainment room.

Top Resort Design ArchitectureThird floor is meeting hall area and international conference hall, that consists of 8 meeting rooms and a special meeting room that reserved for important guests banquet. This conference area can accommodate 250 people that attend in seminar with a podium. Second and third buildings are room unit with 90 rooms that consist of special units such as single, twin, and suite bedroom.

Contemporary Resort Design DecorationFourth building is for a restaurant that located in the edge of river that consists of two floors. Where on the ground floor is used for electrical and engine room, daily storage, cold storage, locker room, administrative office, janitor, baked and pastry room, meat process, chef office, and an area for cooking dessert, main course cooking, appertizer cooking; then 8 units for spa treatment with bathroom, massage bed, outdoor jaquzi and sofa; additional dining room with the river view. While for the ground floor consists of bar, dining room with capacity of 250 people plus balcony couches to rest.

Innovative Resort Design SchemeFifth building consists of two floors; the ground floor consists of reception room, storage, and 12 entertainment rooms. While on other floor consists of a bar, lounge bar, dining room with capacity of 108 people. In this resort area, there are also two villas that located on a hill with latest Balinese architecture that supported by weather and condition surrounding it. For interior design, the architect makes a cooperation with Fleurdelis interior consultant. “This opportunity is our advantage to make a balance between architecture and interior, East Meet West with modern eclectic concept” The architect said.