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  • Artistic and Aesthetic Mosaic Glass Ornaments Decoration

    Artistic and Aesthetic Mosaic Glass Ornaments Decoration

    Decorative Glass Ornaments for Home Interior. Decorative Ornaments Glass is one of the beautiful decorations for wall coverings, one of which is made of glass tile. It is suitable for modern home interior design today. This glass ornament has very small size, you can create a nice composition by combining several different colors. Created by…

  • Minimalist Home Design Photo

    Minimalist Home Design Photo

    Minimalist home design by Bligh Voller Nield. Australian architect, Bligh Nield Völler has designed an amazing project that is the Residential Building for S & P. This minimalist house is located in the center of a corner block. Completed in 2003. He is a sailor and a gardener. The desire to make this minimalist house…

  • Minimalist Home Design Theme

    Minimalist Home Design Theme

    Eldridge-Smerin architect who designed this modern minimalist home. This home is a mysterious minimalist home, with peaceful environment. It’s located in North London. This minimalist home is located near the cemetery. Built-known names (Karl Marx, Christina Rossetti, George Eliot .. to name a few). Glass as link from the outside atmosphere so that the beauty…